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Garage Door Repair Fredericksburg VA

Majority of our customers in Fredericksburg VA have often asked us this questions, who invented garage doors? How did garage doors come about? Fredericksburg garage door company simply has this answer that asking the history of garage doors, it will be only natural that they consider the history of cars too.

As the cars were manufactured, so did the need for somewhere to store increased. As a result of that need or place to store cars and other personal belongings garages were born or invented.

Carriage House Idea

Back in the days, carriage house was a type of building that housed everything, horses, cars, work equipment and other farm animals. People who had cars back in the days were considered very wealthy, but they could not stand the stink they got from their cars because it was next to the farm animals, so another alternative was sought, and that led to the invention of garages we see today. The first garage door worked like a barn door, it had straps hinges, and garage doors back then were just basic. Sometimes the hinges would crack, screws would get bent and afterward it is all damaged. But today, thanks to more advanced technologies we have different makes and models of garage doors that are much stronger and lasts longer. Garage Door Repair Fredericksburg VA Company orders garage doors from top manufacturers like Clopay, Amarr, Raynor, Wayne Dalton, Martin and Seal to provide nothing less than the best for valued customers.

Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead garage doors are mostly for businesses, however most home owners opt for overhead garage doors in order to save space in the garage. This type of garage doors folds upward. This kind of doors require garage door openers to assist owners who had troubles lifting the heavy doors. Emergency Locksmith Fredericksburg VA garage door repair company orders garage door openers from manufactures like Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Decko to provide you the best and long lasting openers for your garage doors. And we pattern with Overhead Door Cooperation, which is the leading manufacturers in overhead doors today.

24/7 Garage Door Repairs and Installations

What this means is that we are available any time of day. Garage doors like any other motorized equipment breaks down, and when they do, it should not be ignored because the more you ignore it the more damage can occur. Most problems with garage doors can be wrong installation. Home owners who hire less skilled technicians in order to save money encounter this problems, at the end of the day they are looking for another garage door company to install the door that was installed 2 weeks back.  Garage door repair Fredericksburg VA technicians often see this kind of problems, which is why we are the best choice in Fredericksburg and other surrounding areas. We are able to work around obstructions such as tree removal fredericksburg.

Another garage common garage door problem is broken springs. Garage door springs comes in two types:

Extension Garage Door Springs: they are usually on the side of the garage doors. They are usually two. Extension spring can be very dangerous and could cause serious injury or perhaps death if not handled or installed properly. We usually advise our customers to replace both springs so the tension on both springs are equal.

Torsion Garage Door Springs: They are usually at the top of the garage doors. They can be dangerous as well.

Do not try to replace your garage door springs, because they are very dangerous and you do not have the proper tool for the job. Our reputable garage door company specializes in replacing broken garage door springs at a very cheap rate, so instead of putting your life in danger, call us and we can work out a much more affordable price for you. We are the best in the entire Virginia and a trial will convince you.

Another garage door problem can be off track garage door, garage door opener repair, opener installations, rollers and hinges replacement, photo eyes, and garage door tune up. Whenever you have the listed problems with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call Garage door repair Fredericksburg VA technicians for immediate repair.

Commercial Garage Door Fredericksburg VA

Overhead Door Corporation is one of the leading commercial garage door manufacturers and Garage Door Fredericksburg VA orders commercials garage doors only from the best to give your deserved rest of mind and safety for your belongings. Commercial garage doors are built tough, with the best of materials due to the beatings they take on daily basis. Commercial garage doors can be insulate or non-insulated, and they come in different types:

Sectional Doors: Like most residential garage doors, commercial garage doors consist of several panels that are hinged together.

Steel Sectional Commercial Doors: They come in numerous steel gauges with glazing and option for insulation for more protection. Most of our customers that deal on high earn work equipment, trucks and other valued possessions opt for this kind.

Rolling Steel Doors:  This doors like the name implies rolls up because they are made with small panels. They are much stronger than sectional commercial garage doors because their corrugation can better withstand impacts.

Aluminum Commercial Doors: They consist of aluminum panels and glass windows. Most restaurants, fire station, car dealership and office buildings opt for aluminum doors.

Commercial Garage Door Openers

Unlike residential garage door openers that most openers can install or repair themselves, commercial openers are not so. They are much more advanced and difficult to install or repair. Most garage door companies in Fredericksburg cannot repair them, but Garage Door Fredericksburg VA is equal to the task. Residential garage door opener can be easily installed by one technician in less than 2 hours because the door is much smaller and weighs less, but commercial garage doors are higher than and very heavy and requires two technicians like the 26”X16” commercial garage door we installed with a brand new opener. For commercial garage door emergencies, installations and opener installations, Fredericksburg VA garage door repair is your go-to company. We also work with the locksmiths in fredericksburg va.